HP (Hewlett-Packard) 8.3 Garage Door Opener User Manual

PRODUCT NAME: HP OpenVMS Alpha Version 8.3 and HP OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 for Integrity
SPD 82.35.14
The OpenVMS VAX information is included in the HP
OpenVMS Operating System for Alpha Version 7.3-1
and 7.3-2, and VAX Version 7.3 Software Product De-
scription (SPD 25.01.xx).
This SPD describes the HP OpenVMS Operating Sys-
tem software for the AlphaServer and Integrity server
computer families. Except where explicitly noted,
the features described in this SPD apply equally
to AlphaServer and Integrity server systems. HP
OpenVMS operating system licenses and part numbers
for the two platforms are architecture specific. Please
refer to the Ordering Information section of this SPD for
further details.
OpenVMS is a general-purpose, multiuser operating
system that runs in both production and development
environments. Starting with OpenVMS Version 8.2, HP
introduced support for OpenVMS for Integrity servers.
OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1 continues support for all of
the Integrity servers and options supported in previous
versions of HP OpenVMS for Integrity servers. Open-
VMS Version 8.3-1H1 introduces support for additional
Integrity server systems. For Alpha systems, OpenVMS
Version 8.3 replaces Version 8.2; for Integrity servers,
Version 8.3-1H1 replaces Version 8.3. Standard support
for OpenVMS Version 8.3 on Integrity systems contin-
ues when OpenVMS version 8.3-1H1 ships.
OpenVMS Alpha supports Hewlett-Packard’s AlphaServer
series computers. OpenVMS software supports industry
standards, facilitating application portability and interop-
erability. OpenVMS provides symmetric multiprocessing
(SMP) support for multiprocessing systems.
The OpenVMS operating system can be tuned to
perform well in a wide variety of environments.
This includes combinations of compute-intensive, I/O-
intensive, client/server, real-time, and other environ-
ments. Actual system performance depends on the type
of computer, available physical memory, and the num-
ber and type of active disk and tape drives.
The OpenVMS operating system has well-integrated
networking, distributed computing, client/server, multi-
processing, and windowing capabilities. It contains ex-
tensive features that promote ease-of-use, improve the
productivity of programmers, and facilitate system man-
For information about the OpenVMS Version 8.3-1H1
new features, please refer to the HP OpenVMS Version
8.3-1H1 for Integrity Servers New Features and Release
Notes at:
Users can access the OpenVMS software by using the
English-like DIGITAL Command Language (DCL), the
command language for OpenVMS that is supplied with
the system. DCL commands provide information about
the system and initiate system utilities and user pro-
grams. DCL commands take the form of a command
name followed by parameters and qualifiers.
March 2009