Grizzly T25227 Fan User Manual

T25227 (Mfg. since 09/13) -15-
Symptom Possible Cause Solution
Multi-tool does not
1. Power supply circuit breaker
tripped or blown.
2. ON/OFF switch at fault.
3. Motor at fault.
4. Motor brushes at fault.
1. Ensure circuit is sized cor-
rectly and free of shorts.
Reset circuit breaker or
replace fuse.
2. Replace switch.
3. Test/repair/replace motor.
4. Remove/replace brushes.
Poor workpiece fin-
ish results.
1. Oscillation speed too high
resulting in workpiece burn
marks when cutting.
2. Bad angle or too much force
resulting in gouges or ripping
of workpiece when scraping.
3. Uneven finished surface when
4. Incorrect blade or accessory
for job.
1. Reduce oscillation speed.
2. Reduce pressure used for
scraping and keep tool par-
allel with workpiece.
3. Reduce the speed and
maintain uniform pressure
with long sweeping motions.
4. Use correct accessory for
Multi-tool chatters
and/or does not cut
1. Accessory not secured prop-
1. Re-align accessory grooves
with rivets on spindle flange
and secure.
Multi-tool perform-
ing slower and/or
finished product
results diminishing.
1. Blade has become dull.
2. Sanding pad has worn thin.
3. Failing motor brushes.
1. Replace blade.
2. Replace sanding pad.
3. Remove/replace brushes.