Grizzly T25227 Fan User Manual

T25227 (Mfg. since 09/13) -11-
This multi-tool comes with wood and metal
saw blades and a radial saw blade for cut-
ting a variety of materials.
Tips for sawing/cutting:
Practice on similar scrap material
and inspect results before working on
intended workpiece.
Use light-to-medium pressure when
cutting to prevent burning workpiece
or damaging multi-tool motor from
Do not use excessive force when mak-
ing cuts. If blades do not cut through
material with light-to-moderate pres-
sure, select an appropriate blade for
the material or replace the blade if it
has become dull.
For best results, mark the cutting path
with a pencil, crayon, or chalk line
before beginning the cut.
Always inspect back/inside of mate-
rial to be cut for electrical wiring,
pipes, or other flammable or pres-
surized material. Failure to do so
could result in serious injury or
This multi-tool comes with a scraper for
scraping off fixed adhesives.
Tips for scraping:
Use light-to-medium pressure to avoid
breaking or gouging workpiece.
Using excessive force will decrease
the life of the multi-tool motor.
Keep scraper parallel with the