Grizzly T25227 Fan User Manual

T25227 (Mfg. since 09/13)-8-
Prior to using the multi-tool for the first
time, perform this test run procedure to
ensure it functions properly.
To test run multi-tool:
1. Connect the tool to power.
2. While firmly holding multi-tool tool,
push the switch forward to turn it ON.
Test Run
3. Using your free hand, rotate the
variable-speed dial to ensure speed
increases/decreases as the dial is
— If operating correctly, the multi-
tool will continue running when the
switch is pressed forward, and the
speed will increase when the speed
dial is rotated towards 6.
— If the multi-tool does not start and
continue to run when the switch
is pressed forward, or the speed
does not increase/decrease when
the speed dial is rotated, then the
multi-tool is not working properly.
DISCONNECT it from power and
contact Tech Support to resolve the
problem before using it any further.