Graco 256200 Water Pump User Manual

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Daily Startup
1. Verify that the air needle valve (54) is
2. Connect the air line quick disconnect cou-
pler (55) to the transfer pump.
3. Turn on the main air supply.
4. Slowly open the air needle valve until the
transfer pump runs slowly.
5. Use the air needle valve to control the
pump speed.
Daily Shutdown
1. Disconnect the air line quick disconnect
coupler (55).
2. When air pressure is bled off, close the air
needle valve (54).
Corrosion Protection for Pump
If you are not using an accessory air line lubri-
cator, manually lubricate the motor daily. Dis-
connect the air regulator, place about 15 drops
of light machine oil in the pump air inlet, recon-
nect the regulator and turn on the air supply to
dispense oil into the motor.
Never allow the pump to run dry. A dry pump
will quickly accelerate to a high speed and
can damage the pump. If the pump acceler-
ates quickly or starts running too fast, stop it
immediately and check the fluid supply. If the
supply container is empty or air has been
pumped into the lines, refill the container;
prime the pump and the lines with fluid, or
flush and leave it filled with a compatible sol-
vent. Be sure to eliminate all air from the fluid
Do not attempt to operate pump unless it is
securely mounted in a drum.
Water or moist air can cause your pump to
corrode. To help prevent corrosion, NEVER
leave the pump filled with water or air. After
normal flushing, flush the pump again with
mineral spirits solvent (also called white
spirit) or oil-based solvent, relieve pressure,
and leave the mineral spirits solvent (also
called white spirit) in the pump. Be sure to
follow to the Pressure Relief Procedure on
page 13.