GE E4H-CE Series, E8-CE Series Water System User Manual

3.1 Pretreatment for Water Purification
All systems will operate most efficiently on filtered water with a pH of less than 6.5 and
a Silt Density Index (SDI) of 5 or below. If the machine is operated on higher pH water,
other forms of pretreatment may be necessary. A water analysis prior to start-up of the
machine is required. To minimize the chances of calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, or
other salt precipitation on the membrane element, GE Osmonics evaluates each applica-
tion and water condition and makes specific recommendations to assure continuity of the
membrane element warranty. Data from the water analysis is processed with a computer
program analysis to determine if potential problems may exist. If the machine is to be run
at a different location than was originally intended, a new water analysis is required for
warranty considerations and should be sent to GE Osmonics for review and recommen-
dations for operation of the machine.
Before installing the machine, the feed water must be filtered to 5 microns.
Thin-layer composite (TLC) membrane element feed water must not contain the follow-
ing chemicals or permanent loss of rejection and/or permeate flow may
Free chlorine
Formalin (until after membrane element has run for 24 hours, thereafter, 0.5% formalde-
hyde may be Used as a biocide)
Iodine compounds
Quaternary germicides
Cationic surfactants
Detergents containing non-ionic surfactants
Cleaners not approved by GE Osmonics
: A water softener should not regenerate while the machine is running
unless safeguards are used to be sure the machine is operated on softened
water during regeneration.
: To control the RO operation based on water softener regeneration cycle,
wire the softener to the Pretreatment Shutdown Control circuit, as
described in Field Installed Accessories.
3.2 Initial S
NOTE: If your machine has the membrane elements installed in the housing, pro-
ceed to Steps below. If your machine is provided with the membrane ele-
ments in shipping boxes, you must load the membrane elements in the
housings prior to starting the machine. For membrane element loading
instructions, go to Section 4.5 (Membrane Element Installation). Once
membrane element installation is complete, return to Step 1 (below) to
continue the start-up procedure.