GE E4H-CE Series, E8-CE Series Water System User Manual

The following installation guidelines will help you install your new E-CE RO machine.
2.1 Feed Water Requirements
The following feed water requirements must be met before installing your new E-CE RO
machine to ensure quality permeate and extended membrane element life.
Table 2.4
Feed Water Requirements
2.2 Mounting
E-CE Series machines are equipped with a stand-alone frame, which supports the
machine. At least 114 cm (45-inches) of space should be allowed on each end of the
Inlet Pressure
Chlorine (continuous feed)
Feed Water
Silt Density Index
Typical: 10 - 29°C (50° - 85°F)
Minimum: 2.1 barg (30 psig)
Maximum: 4.1 barg (60 psig)
0 ppm
For soft water [less than 1 grain per gallon
(gpg) or 17 mg/L hardness]
acceptable pH: 3.0 - 11.0
For unsoftened water (contact factory for
water analysis), acceptable pH: 5.0 - 6.0
For short-term (i.e., cleaning) acceptable
SDI range: 2 - 12
Less than or equal to 4 to minimize mem-
brane element fouling and extend cleaning
intervals. Refer to ASTM Standard