GE GESMARTAIRE 106643 Indoor Furnishings User Manual

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Problem Solution
Unit will not operate. Check that the unit is plugged in and the electrical
outlet or circuit breaker is working.
Make sure the unit is on by turning the power
If the door is ajar the unit will not operate. Make
sure the filters are properly installed and firmly
close the door by pushing on the right side of door.
Decreased air flow. If the filter life indicator is red, the HEPA filters
need to be changed.
If the HEPA filters have not been changed in a year
or more, change the HEPA filters.
Ensure carbon filters are changed every 3-6 months.
Check to ensure nothing is blocking air inlet and
filtered air outlet.
Wash the pre-filter.
GE10660001UM1 Printed in China 1/01
1. Do NOT attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on this unit. Doing so will void the warranty.
2. If you have any questions regarding this unit’s operation or believe any repair is necessary, please call 1-877-207-0923 to speak
with a Customer Service Representative.
3. If you need to exchange the unit, please return it in the original carton, with a sales receipt, to the store you purchased it. If
you are returning the unit more than 30 days after the date of purchase, please see the enclosed warranty.
4. If you have any other questions or comments, feel free to write us:
Customer Service Department
P.O. Box 769, Milford, MA 01757-0769
For your own records, staple or attach your sales receipt to this manual. Also, please take a moment to write the store
name/location and date purchased below.
GE SMARTAIRE™HEPA FILTER # 106773 / # 106743
For Consumer Assistance Please Call: 1- 877-207-0923
To order call 1-877-207-0923
• 106773 Replacement SmartAire
HEPA Filter (1 Pack)
• 106743 Replacement SmartAire
HEPA Filter (2 Pack)
• 106753 Replacement SmartAire
Carbon Filter (4 Pack)
• P00633 Replacement Foam Pre-filter (106633)
• P00643 Replacement Foam Pre-filter (106643)
• P00653 Replacement Foam Pre-filter (106653)
What does your warranty cover?
•Any defect in material or workmanship.
For how long after the original purchase?
•5 years.
What will we do?
•Provide you with a new, or at our option, a reconditioned unit.
•The exchange unit is warranted for the remainder of your product’s original five year warranty period.
How do you make a warranty claim?
•Return product to nearest WAL
MART store
•Properly pack your unit. We recommend using the original carton and packing materials.
•Include in the package a copy of the sales receipt or other evidence of date of original purchase. If the unit
was a gift, provide a statement specifying the date received. Also print your name and address and a
description of the defect.
•Return the product to your nearest WAL
MART store.
•A new or reconditioned unit will be provided.
What does your warranty not cover?
•Customer instruction. This instruction manual provides information regarding operating instructions and
user controls. For additional information, ask your dealer.
•Commercial use.
•Damage from misuse, abuse, or neglect.
•Products which have been modified or incorporated into other products.
•Products purchased or serviced outside the USA.
How does state law relate to this warranty?
•This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to
What if you purchased your product in the U.S., Canada or Mexico and encounter a problem while using it out-
side the country of purchase?
•The warranty is valid only in the country of purchase and if you follow the warranty claim procedure as
GE is a trademark of General Electric Company and is used under the license by WAL
MART Stores, Inc.
Bentonville, AR 72716

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