Edelbrock 8805 Water Pump User Manual

1965-76, 352-428 Ford FE V8 Engines
CATALOG #8805 (unpolished), #8835 (polished)
1998 Edelbrock Corp Rev. 11/98
PLEASE complete and mail your warranty card. Be sure to write the model number of this product in the “Part
#____” space.
PLEASE study these instructions carefully before installing your new water pump. If you have any questions or
problems, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Hotline at: (800) 416-8628.
DESCRIPTION : The Edelbrock aluminum water pump is a heavy duty water pump for both street and racing
applications. The pump is externally the same as the original equipment service pump (Ford #D4TZ-8501-H) to
provide compatibility with all accessories and pulleys. It offers weight savings along with increased cooling
potential. As with all Ford FE engines the water pump is designed to rotate in a standard clockwise direction
(when viewed from the pulley side). The 8805 water pump may be compatible on 1958-1964 engines but may
require modification of the generator mounting in some applications. Polished Aluminum Water Pump #8835
fits the same applications as #8805.
INSTALLATION: Prior to installation install the bypass water pipe in the water pump housing. Apply teflon
thread sealant to the bypass pipe and press or carefully drive the bypass tube into place. Check that there is
clearance between the water pump bypass tube and the intake manifold bypass tube with the water pump in its
installation position. If there is interference the water pump housing could be broken when the mounting bolts
are tightened. Several of the water pump mounting bolt holes break through to water in Ford FE engines, thread
sealer or silicone should be applied to the bolt threads at these locations. Installation is the same as for original
equipment pumps. Consult your service manual for any other specific procedures.
Caution: Be sure that the fan bolts don't protrude through the hub so far they hit the water pump housing.
Check closely for any interference with drive belts or pulleys.
If the engine is not using a water thermostat, a water flow restrictor plate should be used in place of the
thermostat. The hole size needed in the restrictor plate may vary in size from 11/16" to 1" diameter depending
on your water system. Use of a restrictor plate increases the water pressure in the block and cylinder heads and
helps the radiator work more efficiently.
Edelbrock water pumps are designed to provide increased water flow, pressure and efficiency, the impeller
and housing passages are designed to work with the pump rotating in the correct direction. This pump should
only be used with clockwise, standard rotation (when view from the pulley side). This pump will not function
properly if used in a reverse-rotation, counter-clockwise application.
1 - Water Bypass Tube (To be installed in the pump
housing prior to installation of the water pump)
1 - 5/8" x 3/8"NPT Heater Hose Nipple
1 - 3/8"NPT Pipe Plug
4 - 3/8"-16 UNC x 1.50" Bolt, 12 Point Head
4 - 3/8" AN Washer
2 - Gasket, Water Pump to Block
Dimension from block surface to hub:
7.56", hub pilot diameter - 5/8"