Creda SFH24AW Fan User Manual

Model Reference Rating Direct Charge Net Storage Weight Number Number of Remaining Useful Heat* (Fan Off)
Storage Acting Acceptance (7 hrs) of Elements Core Bricks After 17hrs (Static) Discharge
SFH18AW 70305 2.5kW 1.5kW 17.6kWh 14.9kWh 121kg 3 12 40%
SFH24AW 70315 3.4kW 1.5kW 23.5kWh 20kWh 158kg 4 16 40%
SFHA Sensair Automatic
Electric storage fan heaters
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Technical Specification
Key features
Combines electric storage fan heating,
direct acting heating and fanned heat output
with simple controls
Fully automatic heat storage - no user adjustment
required on input controls
High performance insulation works more
effectively than a conventional storage heater
Heat output is via a quiet two speed fan
Boost setting for high speed room heat up
Fan can be switched off without altering
thermostat setting
Operates on virtually any tariff and takes better
advantage of extended or split tariffs
Fanned heating avoids heat stratification
Lockable controls cover
Negative pressure air movement through the
storage core avoids hotspots and heat leakage
• Elements (storage) - mineral insulated stainless
steel sheathed
Insulation - opacified silicaceous aerogel and
mineral fibre mat
Storage Core - high density iron oxide compound
Fan Unit - two speed crossflow fan
Controls (Output) - regulated by fan, activated
by integral adjustable thermostat
Controls (Input) - hydraulic head temperature
compensated, room and storage core temperature
sensitive, auto-set charge control
Protection - two level thermal safety overheat
Supply - 230/240V AC single phase
The ultimate combination
of storage and direct
fan heating. Able to
regulate input with direct
acting heat flexibility, the
SFHA Sensair is more
effective at retaining heat
than a conventional
storage heater.
Able to operate on virtually any tariff
and with superior high performance
insulation levels, it achieves higher SAP
and NHER ratings than manual input
storage heaters.
Model Height A Width B Depth C
SFH18AW 705mm 788mm 187mm
SFH24AW 705mm 1016mm 187mm
Electric storage