Chromalox UB-3002A Air Conditioner User Manual

(Supersedes PF423-3)
JULY, 2002
Type UB-2502A and UB-3002A
Forced-Air Heater
© 2010 Chromalox, Inc.
Specifications – Table A
Model Volts and Phase kW
240V, 550V, 575V, 600V (3ø)
25 48’ 185
480V (1ø or 3ø)
240V, 550V, 575V, 600V (3ø)
30 48’ 185
480V (1ø or 3ø)
WARNING: Hazard of Electric Shock. Disconnect
all power before installing heater.
WARNING: This heater is not intended for use in
hazardous atmospheres where flammable vapors,
gases, liquids or other combustible atmospheres
are present as defined in the National Electrical
Code. Failure to comply can result in explosion or
fire. For these applications see PDS CXH-EP
WARNING: Users should install adequate back-up
controls and safety devices with their electric
heating equipment. Where the consequences of
failure may be severe, back-up controls are essen-
tial. Although the safety of installation is the
responsibility of the user, Chromalox will be glad to
make equipment recommendations.
Do not mount mercury type thermostat directly on unit. Vibration
could cause heater to malfunction.
The heater must be mounted at least 7’ above the floor to prevent
accidental contact with the heating elements or fan blade which
could cause injury.
Keep at least 5’ clearance in front of the heater. Refer to Figures 1
and 2 for side, top and back clearance requirements.
The wall or ceiling mounting structure and the anchoring provision
must be of sufficient strength to support the combined weight of
the heater and mounting bracket. (Refer to Table A for weights of
heater and bracket).
Fan blade rotation must be checked. If airflow is not moving out
through the louvers, interchange any two of the three customer
power leads on three-phase units only.
Figure 1
(Wall Mounted)
Figure 2
(Ceiling Mounted)