Chamberlain 1265 Garage Door Opener User Manual

Invisible Light Beam
Protection Area
Sensor Beam
6" max.
above floor
Sensor Beam
6" max.
above floor
Facing the door from inside the garage
Install The Protector System
The safety reversing sensor must be connected
and aligned correctly before the garage door
opener will move in the down direction.
When properly connected and aligned, the sensor
will detect an obstacle in the path of its electronic
beam. The sending eye (with an orange indicator
light) transmits an invisible light beam to the
receiving eye (with a green indicator light). If an
obstruction breaks the light beam while the door is
closing, the door will stop and reverse to full open
position, and the opener lights will flash 10 times.
The units must be installed inside the garage so that
the sending and receiving eyes face each other
across the door, no more than 6" above the floor.
Either can be installed on the left or right of the door
as long as the sun never shines directly into the
receiving eye lens.
The mounting brackets are designed to clip onto the
track of sectional garage doors without additional
If it is necessary to mount the units on the wall, the
brackets must be securely fastened to a solid
surface such as the wall framing. Extension brackets
(see accessories) are available if needed. If
installing in masonry construction, add a piece of
wood at each location to avoid drilling extra holes in
masonry if repositioning is necessary.
The invisible light beam path must be unobstructed.
No part of the garage door (or door tracks, springs,
hinges, rollers or other hardware) may interrupt the
beam while the door is closing.
• Be sure power is not connected to the garage door
opener BEFORE installing the safety reversing sensor.
• To prevent SERIOUS INJURY or DEATH from a closing
garage door:
– Correctly connect and align the safety reversing
sensor. This required safety device MUST NOT be
– Install the safety reversing sensor so beam is NO
HIGHER than 6" above garage floor.