Brother LX-3125 Sewing Machine User Manual

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To eliminate unnecessary repairs, listed below are common problems and possible
solutions. Please refer to your instruction manual for further instructions.
Needle Breaks
Needle is inserted incorrectly
Needle clamp screw is loose
Bent needle is being used
Upper threading is not correct
Upper thread tension is set too tight/high
Needle and/or thread for fabric being sewn is not correct
Material pulled and/or moved excessively during sewing
Upper Thread Breaks
Upper thread is not correct
Upper thread tension is set too high/tight
Upper thread is too large for the needle eye
Lower Thread Breaks
Lower thread may be entangled in shuttle
Lower thread tension is set too tight/high
Lower threading is not correct
Loops on Top or Bottom of Fabric Form During Sewing
Upper or lower thread tension not set correctly
Upper threading is not correct
Incorrect bobbin being used
Material Tends to Pucker During Sewing
Upper or lower thread tension is set too high/tight
Upper threading is not correct
Thread may be caught or is catching on something
Lower thread is unevenly wound on bobbin
Incorrect bobbin being used
Skips Stitches
Needle is not sharp and/or straight
Needle is inserted incorrectly
Needle and/or thread for fabric being sewn is not correct
Upper threading is not correct
Lint and/or debris caught on underside of needle plate
Machine Runs Slow and/or Noisy
Machine may require cleaning or lubrication
Lint and/or debris may be caught in the shuttle and/or feed dog assemblies
Bobbin is Wound Incorrectly
Use a small pair of scissors to remove thread
Brother International Corporation recommends the use of genuine parts and supplies and proper maintenance
to keep your product running smoothly. Many of our resellers carry genuine Brother parts, accessories and
supplies. If you are unable to locate these items, please visit us online at
Quick Reference Guide
Knowing Your Sewing Machine
Name of Machine Parts and Their Functions
1 Pattern Selection Dial
Choose from 10 different stitches
2 Buttonhole Fine-Adjusting Screw
For use if the stitching on the two sides of the
buttonhole do not appear uniform
3 Thread Take-up Lever
Guide thread through the lever from right to left
4 Flat Bed Attachment with Accessory
For easy storage of included accessories
5 Upper Tension Control Dial
This controls the tension of the upper thread
6 Reverse Sewing Lever
To sew in reverse
7 Presser Foot Holder Assembly
8 Presser Foot Screw
9 Presser Foot (Zigzag)
0 Needle Plate
A Shuttle Hook
B Bobbin Case
C Feed Dogs
D Needle
E Needle Clamp Screw
F Shuttle Cover
G Thread Cutter
H Spool Pin
Pull up on spool pin to level thread
I Bobbin Winder
Place unfi lled bobbin on winder
J Handwheel
Use for lower threading
K Foot Controller Jack
Insert plug in jack to operate foot controller
L Presser Foot Lever
Used to raise and lower the presser foot
M Main Power/Sewing Light Switch
Turns your machine/sewing light on
N Built-in Handle
Ideal for easy and effi cient transporting
O Thread Guide/Bobbin Winding Pre-tension
Used when winding the bobbin and then
threading the machine
Should you experience problems with your product, please read the Operation
Manual or the Quick Reference Guide fi rst, before returning your product to the
place of purchase. Brother International Corporation is committed to providing
the assistance necessary to ensure the Brother product you purchased meets your
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asegurar que el producto Brother adquirido satisfaga sus expectativas.
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