Bosch Appliances W11P Water Heater User Manual

6 720 607 526 ZA (05.02) JS
Installation and Operating Instructions
With piezo ignition and double safety
system consisting of flue gas monitor and
heat exchanger temperature sensor.
Gas Instantaneous Water Heater
Safety instructions:
If you smell gas:
- Do not operate any electrical switches.
- Do not telephone from inside the danger area.
- Turn off the gas cock.
- Open windows and ventilate room.
- From outside, call the gas company and your approved
Do not use or store easily combustible materials in the vicinity
of the appliance.
Installation and servicing of the appliance may only be
carried out by an approved technician.
The appliance should be regularly serviced in order to ensure
that it remains in perfect and safe working order.
If there is a risk of freezing, the appliance must be switched
off and drained. If the appliance has not been drained during
a cold spell, when it is switched on again check that it
produces hot water. If problems occur, contact your installer.