Bosch Appliances GWH 1600 PS Water Heater User Manual

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Operation instructions
4.2 Lighting instructions
B STOP! Read the previous safety information.
B The gas valve must be turned off by pushing the gas
valve off ( ) button.
Fig. 18
B Wait five (5) minutes to clear out any gas. If you smell
gas, STOP! Follow “B” in chapter 4.1. If you don’t
smell gas, go to next step.
B The pilot burner window is located in the front center
of the cover (Fig. 3, num. 49).
B Fully depress pilot button ( ).
Fig. 19
B With the pilot button fully depressed, light pilot by
pushing the piezo button ( ). This step may have to
be repeated until pilot is lit.
Fig. 20
B Observe the pilot flame through the pilot burner
window. The pilot button should be pushed in for at
least 15 seconds with pilot burning before releasing.
When the pilot button is released, the pilot should
continue to burn.
- If the pilot button does not pop out to an
intermediate position when released, stop and
immediately call your service technician or gas
- If pilot does not stay lit, repeat all steps.
- If pilot will not stay lit after several tries, push the gas
valve off button ( ) all the way in and call service
technician or gas supplier.
B When lit, depress the on ( ) button. The heater
will now fire at minimum power when water is drawn
at a rate greater than the required activation flow rate.
Note: If main burner does not ignite, make sure pilot is
burning. If not, repeat lighting steps.
4.3 To turn off appliance
B Push the gas valve off button ( ) all the way in
and turn off the installer supplied manual gas shutoff
on the supply line to the heater.
Fig. 21