Bernina Garment Sewing Sewing Machine User Manual

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Keep a log or journal of all of your sewing
projects. Most sewers give away the
majority of their creative pursuits and it is
sometimes easy to feel defeated and un-
motivated; but when you look at all you’ve
accomplished, it will keep you excited and
spur you on!
Make it a ritual to keep your machine clean
and in tip-top shape. Have it serviced
during your birthday month and make a
concerted effort to do quick cleanings on a
regular basis.
Organize projects with pattern, cut fabric,
and notions packaged together so you
don’t waste time “getting ready”.
Discipline yourself to sew regularly even if
it is only 10 minutes at a time. It’s amazing
how much those little snippets of time add
up and before you know it, you’ve finished
another project!
Be prepared. Keep a tote bag with you for
hand sewing items or related reading so
you can make good use of your time when
attending ball games, waiting at the
dentist, or commuting to work by
car pool, bus, or train.
Look for projects and patterns with limited
pieces and little detail. Take classes to learn
new techniques instead of trying to figure it
out on your own. In the long run, you will
pick it up faster and will waste less time than
using the trial and error method.
If possible, leave your machine out and
available at all times. The less you have to
do to “get ready” to sew, the more likely you
will frequently stop and stitch.
Read pattern instructions thoroughly before
beginning and highlight any parts that look a
little tricky or unfamiliar. Visualize each step
and work through it in your head, trying to
anticipate any unusual areas. Mark a big X
over the sections that don't apply to your
project. This will make it easy to keep your
place, and prevent confusion caused by
reading extraneous directions.
Think through each task and decide if it is
something you can do by machine rather
than by hand. Not only is it usually
faster to sew techniques such as
sewing on buttons by machine,
it often lasts longer and
doesn’t have to be
redone in the near
Group your tasks and work in an assembly
line fashion. Spend an evening cutting out
patterns, another one seaming and joining
the major pieces, and another working on
the finishing details. The less you jump
around, the faster your projects will come
Streamlined Sewing:
Streamlined Sewing:
10 Timely Tips
10 Timely Tips