Bernina bt0020 Sewing Machine User Manual

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Presser Feet
Presser Feet
for Garment
for Garment
Improve your sewing skills in the blink of eye. Sewing with the correct presser feet for the techniques
you are stitching offers professional results accomplished in an easier and more efficient way. The
art of making custom clothing requires imagination and skill. To make the most of your sewing skills,
keep the following collection of presser feet handy to provide precision and accuracy to all of your
garment making.
Buttonhole #3 or #3A
Whether you are making a single buttonhole on a waist-
band or duplicate closures down the front of a blouse,
this is one place where the correct presser foot means
the difference between poor results and beautiful, practi-
cal buttonholes. Both Foot #3 and #3A are designed to
let the heavy stitching of the buttonhole feed smoothly
without distorting the stitching. Buttonhole Foot #3 is
used for making single buttonholes on
BERNINA machine with non-repeatable
buttonholes and #3A makes it possible to
stitch exact duplicates over and over
again using BERNINA machines that
stitch repeatable buttonholes. One or
both of these feet are included with
BERNINA machines.
Edgestitch #10/10C
One of the most popular presser feet for all types of
sewing, this essential foot is one that gives obvious results.
As the name implies, it is designed for stitching along an
edge. Place the blade or guide of the foot along a fabric
edge and adjust the needle position to the right or left and
you’ll have stitches perfectly parallel to the edge. Adjust
the needle position farther from the edge for beautifully
placed topstitching. Also excellent for understitching
facings; place the blade in the well of the seam and adjust
the needle position to stitch the seam allowances to the
facing, preventing it from rolling to the outside.