Bernina 580 Sewing Machine User Manual

© 2011
12 LED lights provide excellent
illumination of the sewing area
Large selection of accessories
to ensure successful sewing
Semi-automatic threader
for easy threading
2 c ostume s and my kids
boundle ss imaginations
2 days wit hout
t he kids
12 glasse s of lemonade
1 we ll-rounded mac hine
that se ws + e mbroide rs
1 fairy & 1 magic ian
2 pat t erns and
many e mbroide ry motifs
7 panc ake s
with maple syrup
Features and Functions of the 5 Series
General Functions B 530 B 550 QE B 580
Hook system CB CB RL
Sewing speed (stitches per minute) 900 900 1000
Length of freearm to the right of needle 190 mm 190 mm 190 mm
LCD display x x
TFT touch screen x
LED sewing light x x x
Maximum stitch length 5 mm 5 mm 5 mm
Maximum stitch width 5.5 mm 5.5 mm 9 mm
Needle positions 11 11 11
Number of spool pins 2 2 2
Semi-automatic needle threader x x x
Adjustable presser foot pressure x x x
Thread cutter (manual) 3 3 3
Automatic thread cutter and securing stitches x
Memory (short-term / altered stitches) x x x
Memory (long-term / altered stitches) x x x
Create and save stitch combinations 100 100 8 MB
BSR functionality – straight stitch and zigzag x x x
Start / Stop button x x x
Slide speed control x x x
Lower thread indicator x
Pattern end x x x
USB connection (host) x
USB connection (slave) x x x
FHS functionality (Free Hand System) x x x
eco functionality x
Sewing B 530 B 550 QE B 580
Automatic buttonhole x x x
Manual buttonhole x x x
Button sew-on program x x x
Onscreen button measuring x
Needle stop up / down x x x
Reverse sewing x x x
Mirror image x x x
Total number of stitch patterns 148 187 227
Practical stitches 22 22 30
Decorative stitches (incl. quilt stitches) 117 155 186
Quilting stitches 12 24 14
Buttonholes (incl. eyelet and button sew-on program) 9 10 11
Alphabets 4 4 7
Creative consultant x x x
Tutorial x
Elongation x
Characters / stitch pattern combination view horizontal x x
Pattern repeat 1– 9 x x x
Basting x
Standard Accessories B 530 B 550 QE B 580
Presser feet included 5 8 7
Reverse pattern foot #1 x x
Reverse pattern foot #1C x
Overlock foot #2 x
Overlock foot #2A x
Automatic buttonhole foot with slide #3A x x x
Zipper foot #4 x x x
Blindstitch foot #5 x x x
Jeans foot #8 x
Open embroidery foot #20 x
Open embroidery foot #20C x
Patchwork foot #37 x
Walking foot #50 x
BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR) x
Slide-on freearm extension table x x x
Presser foot lifter (Free Hand System) x x x
Foot control x x x
Accessory case x x x
Carrier bag x x x
Embroidery (B 580 only) B 530 B 550 QE B 580
Embroidery speed (stitches per minute) N /A N /A 680
Design and edit on touch screen
(rotation, mirror, altering, etc.)
N /A N /A x
Embroidery tutorial N /A N /A x
Thread brand selection N /A N /A x
Colour information bar N /A N /A x
View design size on-screen N /A N /A x
Virtual positioning N /A N /A x
Absolute check N /A N /A x
Altering stitch type N /A N /A x
Basting box function N /A N /A x
Number of built-in embroidery designs N /A N /A 100
Alphabets N /A N /A 7
Lettering manipulation N /A N /A x
Memory personal embroidery designs N /A N /A x
Embroidery Standard Accessories (B 580 only) B 530 B 550 QE B 580
Embroidery presser foot #26 N /A N /A x
Embroidery bobbin case N /A N /A x
Embroidery hoop large oval with template N /A N /A x
Carrier bag N /A N /A x