BEA Eagle Home Security System User Manual

The Eagle soars with
3-D adjustability, lightweight design,
and revolutionary planar antenna.
Quality, Intelligence, Precision
es K Band microwave technology, which is universally compatible
with all swinging, sliding, bi-folding and revolving automatic doors,
and avoids any interference from cell phones, CB radios, etc...
Sophisticated motion tracking technology for unidirectional sensing
when energy conservation is critical.
Exceeds ANSI standards and meets FCC requirements.
"3-D" adjustable planar antenna assures the activ
ation pattern is positioned
precisely where it needs to be according to traffic conditions.
echnologically advanced microprocessor screens out interferences
caused by rain, snow, radio frequency and header vibration.
Can detect motion as slow as 2.2 inches per second, ideal for slower
moving individuals.
Motion Detector for
Automatic Doors